Preventing Ice Dams and Damage to Your Home

Icicles on your house can be picturesque; it is also a warning sign. The same conditions that allow icicles to form also make ice dams and can cause severe damage to your home. Here are some tips to prevent ice dams from forming and causing damage to your home.

Make sure your attic floor is keeping the heat where it belongs, replace damaged insulation and be sure you are hitting the state requirements. A newer method of insulation is to have spray foam installed on the roof plane.

A ridge vent and soffit vents under the eaves circulates cold air under the entire roof. Both ridge and soffit vents should have the same size openings and between them provide at least 1 square foot of opening for every 300 square feet of attic floor.

Make sure that the ducts from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry lead to the outside through the roof or walls.
Moisture Barriers

Moisture Barriers
If you are reroofing or installing a new roof put in a moisture barrier between the deck and roof covering. This will help keep water out of your home due to moisture from ice dams, as well as protecting the house from wind-driven rain if the roof cover blows off during a windstorm.

Heavy Snow
Make sure to remove the snow where from your roof, if possible. A roof rake can be used to pull snow down the slope of the roof to prevent an ice dam from growing or forming.

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