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Community Public Adjusters, serving residents and businesses in Cumberland County, NJ. We have many clients based in Cumberland County. Our fully experienced public adjusters are licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and have public adjusting experience in both commercial and residential claims. Our main goal is to ensure the insurance company fully compensates you so you can properly rebuild any property damage sustained to your home or business.


Our insurance claim adjusters help homeowners and business owners manage their claims, and fully document their losses to maximize their insurance settlement. We help reduce the financial burden placed upon you as the result of your property damage.


For a free consultation, call 1.800.204.2463 or contact us via online form.



Public Adjusters Cumberland County, NJ - Our LogoTypes of Property Damage Claims We Handle


Many times, insurance companies will initially deny your property damage claim. We have many years of claims experience and have helped property owners across Cumberland County, New Jersey and beyond get the maximum insurance settlement for their insurance claim.


Community Public Adjusters can handle any type of claim including the flowing types of claims.


Building Collapse Damage Claims

Building collapse can occur due to uneven pressure of a structural element in the space between the floor and ceiling. Read more about building collapse damage claims.


Flood Damage Claims

Whether it’s the rainy season or dry season, many residential and commercial properties are one storm away from flood damage. Read more about flood damage claims.


Snow and Ice Damage Claims

When the temperature starts falling, and rain and snow arrive, it can cause ice to form which pushes on the external infrastructure. The huge amount of melting of ice on the roof can also cause water to permeate under the roof covering. Read more about snow and ice damage claims.


Theft and Vandalism Damage Claims

Theft or vandalism can be very costly to homeowners and business owners and detailed reports are needed to verify an event happened. Read more about theft and vandalism damage claims.


Water Damage Claims

Water damage is one of the most common types of property insurance claims. Water will always find the path of least resistance. An extreme amount of water can destroy your buildings foundation. Read more about water damage claims.


Wind and Hail Damage Claims

When a home or building is subjected to wind and hail, the damage can be very costly. Getting the money needed to repair the damaged is challenging. Read more about wind and hail damage claims.


Claim types can also include


• Burst Pipes
• Frozen Pipes
• All Plumbing Leaks
• Toilet Overflow
• Roof Leaks
• Blown Off Shingles & Siding



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How Does the Claim Process Work?


The process starts by contacting Community Public Adjusters at 800-204-2463. Next, we will review your claim and contact you shortly so we can proceed with your damage loss assessment.


The Claims Process


• We inspect the damage site and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property.
• Next, we gather photographic evidence and use industry experts to examine your loss.
• Next, we fully document the extent of the damage.
• Next, we submit your claim, which is backed by scientific evidence and expert testimony.
• Finally, we negotiate with your insurance company to attain the best possible settlement.

Our service area includes the entire Cumberland County, NJ area.

Why Trust Community Public Adjusters with Your claim

  • We are experts in representing the insured regarding property damage claims
  • We have helped many clients get money for their property damage in Cumberland County, NJ
  • We have Over 150 years of combined public Adjusting experience
  • Our public adjusters are licensed and bonded in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
  • We are members of various local and national public adjuster associations
  • We understand all aspects of the tedious property damage claims process
  • Public Adjusters Cumberland County, NJ, Your expert adjusting company

Testimonials from our clients in the Cumberland County, NJ and surrounding area

“After the fire in our basement, we had severe fire and smoke damage and we were unsure about where to turn. After doing some research, we decided to contact Community Public Adjusters. We were glad we contacted them, they were quick to explain the process and deal with the insurance company. In the end, we were able to completely fix our basement.”

Steve & Mandy K. – Cumberland County, NJ

“To Community Public Adjusters,
Thank you for the help regarding my claim. The work you did on my behalf saved me time and a lot of stress”

Mark R. – Hopewell, Nj

Community Public Adjusters helped get me money for a drain leak that ruined my basement. They also found damage that I was not ware of, thank you!.”

John B. – Bridgeton, Nj

Community Public Adjusters - Top FAQ

My business has received substantial damage due to a fire. Should I purchase new equipment to get the business backup?

Depending on your policy, you could move certain expenses, such as away from Business Personal Property and over to Business Interruption. Our public adjusters can help you with such situations and can also advise you throughout the entire claims process while keeping your business operating.

Why Should I Work with a Public Adjuster over an Attorney?

Public adjusters who are on your side, are critical when there is an insurance dispute. Many times, an attorney will hire us to do that work if someone goes directly to them.

What areas do you service?

Community Public adjusters has a presence throughout the Tri-State area and beyond.

Service areas include:

  • Philadelphia County
  • Chester County
  • Delaware County
  • Montgomery County
  • Burlington County
  • Atlantic County
  • Camden County
  • Ocean County

Buck County, Pa, locations include

  • Southampton, Pa
  • Warminster, Pa
  • Bensalem, Pa
  • Doylestown, Pa
  • Yardley, PA
  • Newtown, Pa

New Jersey locations include

  • Atco, Nj
  • Trenton, Nj
  • Cherry Hill, Nj
  • Atlantic City, Nj
  • Brick, Nj

How is Community Public Adjusters Paid?

Community Public Adjusters is compensated by a small % of the claim, which is offset by the higher insurance settlement we obtain.

What Types of losses can Community Public Adjusters help me with?

Community Public adjusters has experienced with many types of property losses including:

Does Community Public Adjusters make the repairs to my property?

No, you must contact a general or specialized contractor of your choice for the repairs. If you can’t find a contractor, Community Public Adjusters can locate on for you.

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