7 Tips to Prevent Spring Storm Damage

As everyone transitions to the season of spring, remember, there’s a large possibility of severe thunderstorms, high winds and tornados before the warmer weather is here to stay. To help ensure your home and property is protected throughout the weeks ahead, here are some tips on preventing costly damages to your home and property.

Inspect your siding and roof for damage, so that parts of your home aren’t destroyed by unnoticeable or seemingly harmless leaks. Wind-driven water can navigate its way under cracked or peeling caulk, lose or missing shingles, and even chipped or peeling paint. If your roof is older, or your home had endured an especially stormy winter, it’s best to call in an expert to inspect your roof for you.

Clean gutters, drains and downspouts to clear out all the debris that has formed blockages and prevents your roof from draining correctly. Make sure you check for any damage due to ice and snow, and that all connections are securely set in place.

Check to see if your sump pump is operating correctly, so you can have confidence that it’s fully operational in case a severe storm leads to serious flooding. And you might want to buy a backup battery if your neighborhood has dealt with power outages in the past.

Check the trees around your property for damage, look closely to see if any dead or weak branches are within falling distance of your driveway, home, utility lines or any other structures on your property.

Look out for signs of animal infestation. During the winter, wild animals may have crawled their way into your warm, cozy home. Check to see if there are any signs of mice, raccoons, birds or bats. It’s important to notice entry holes near eves or close to the ground, drilling areas from insects or birds, chew marks on wiring or wood, or shredded materials near the foundation.

Watch out for cracks in your foundation or walkways that may have been caused by winter’s freeze/thaw cycle, which usually causes a lot of problems with concrete. This can lead to serious leaks or potentially dangerous structural damage in foundations, or create hazardous cracks along walkways or steps.

Secure outdoor furniture and fixtures, so they don’t go flying away when heavy gusts from spring storms pass through. These items can easily become dangerous projectiles in high winds—not only for you, but also your neighbors.

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