Backup Generator Benefits for Home of Business

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Backup electrical generators provide power to a home or business during a power outage. When the power is not available, a backup generator can instantly supply much needed power to your home or business. While backup generators can cost well over a $1,000, they can save you thousands in possible damages and keep your home or business running smoothly.

Here are 7 main benefits of owning a backup generator for your home or business

HVAC system

Major storms can cause power surges and disrupt power for many hours or even days, causing harm to your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. A backup generator can prevent uncomfortable temperatures in your home or business and keep you HVAC system running smoothly.

Food Preservation

Refrigerators and freezers can stay cold for a few hours but If the power is out for more than a few hours, the food in your refrigerator is at risk, if it’s much longer than four hours , foods like meat and eggs get spoiled and need to be thrown away. A backup generator provides needed power to your fridge to keep its content from spoiling.

Sump pump

When flooding hits your home or business, your main defense against the water is your sump pump. These pumps are essential and without them, your building’s basement may flood with groundwater. But if there’s no power, your home or business will suffer substantial water damage which can cause thousands in damages. Install a standby generator to avoid property losses due to water damage.


You never know how much battery life your devices such as phones, laptops, routers and tablets will have when the power goes out and we all know that feeling! A backup or standby generator can power all these devices, enabling you to continue to use your network.


Do you have medications that need to be refrigerated? Does anyone in your home or business use oxygen tanks or other critical care machines? Make sure to choose a generator that can adequately power life-saving medical devices and equipment!

Save Your Electronic Data

Own a business or work at home? Computers, cash registers, phone systems and even machinery use networks to communicate with each. They also hold valuable data and customer information. If this equipment and data are subject to a sudden power loss or surge, it could cause the data to be corrupted or even lost. Having immediate backup power will enable you to back up your data quickly and keep the communication channels open.

Security Systems & Home Devices

There are so many security devices and other WIFI enabled gizmos these days. Video doorbells, WIFI cameras, motion detectors, smart plugs, smart thermostats and many more. If the power goes out, most of these devices will not function properly or even at all, and some will need to connect to your network to fully work. Having a backup generator will keep everything working and will reduce your stress levels!