10 Tips to Improve Your Home in 2020

Improve Your Home in 2020 | Community Public Adjusters

 Use the following to Improve your home in 2020 and increase its value

1. Organize your closets

Welcome in 2020 with well-organized closets, you can start with the bedroom. Sift through your belongings and figure out the items you do not use much. Donate some clothing and accessories to Purple Heart or another local charity. Another great option is to sell your items, get organized, create more room and make a little money! Great ways to sell only include the popular apps Poshmark, Mercari and Letgo to name a few. You can also head to a local consignment shop. If you do not have a smartphone, try online options that require a desktop or laptop computer such as ebay and craigslist. By eliminating and reducing unused clothing from your closets, you’ll be freeing up space for new styles in 2020.

2. Add Some Paint to Those Walls

Brighten the new year and your home by adding a fresh coat of paint to those walls. This is a great option and is one of the easiest ways to improve and brighten the look of your home. Painting keeps out moisture and repels dirt, dust, and other allergens from your home. Painting also Increases the value of your home and makes your home pleasing to the eye. If you are looking to hire a professional painter to handle your interior painting needs, contact a local licensed painter and ask for some before and after pictures of their work. Make sure they are fully insured and licensed. Painting contractors should be licensed in the specific county where the work is to be done.

3. Install Smart Home Devices

Smart devices make your life easier, the less stress, the better. Adding smart home devices can also decrease your monthly energy bills. Enjoy convenience and increased security for your home in 2020. Some smart home devices to consider adding include smart light bulbs, smart plugs, video doorbells, thermostats, wireless security systems, smart refrigerators and other appliances, smart locks, water leak detectors and many more.

4. Clean Your Pantry

Clean out your pantry and kitchen drawers. The first order of business is to take everything off your shelves. Throw out anything that you do not need or remove items that belong somewhere else. This includes throwing out expired condiments, other expired foods, cookbooks and miscellaneous items. Once everything is out of your pantry, thoroughly clean it. Clean your containers as you return them to the shelves. Dry baking ingredients should be replaced once a year so make this a priority. Baking staples like flour can be prone to pests so make sure to properly seal.

5. Perform Chimney Maintenance

2020 is here and so is winter, be prepared for the cold weather and make sure your chimney is up to the task of keeping your family safe and warm. Chimney maintenance helps to prevent fires, soot and carbon monoxide. No matter what type of fireplace you may have, you’ll need your chimney swept by a professional in order to keep your home safe. Also, make sure your chimney is waterproof. Add water sealant to the outside of your chimney, this will prevent moisture from breaking down the bricks and mortar.

6. Maintain Your HVAC system

Another great way to improve your home is to Keep your heating and cooling systems running smoothly by having them serviced and cleaned in 2020. When was the last time you replaced the filters on your unit? Disposable filters keep your system clean and take out the large particles from your indoor air. Make sure you change them every 1-3 months. Another simple but important step is to check the metal fins on the condensing unit, they frequently get clogged. Once each year, spray the outside of the unit with a water hose to clean it. Furthermore, check your evaporator coil’s drainpipe and drain pan.

7. Insulate Your Windows

Winter drafts can drive energy bills sky high. By reducing drafts, you can significantly lower your home’s energy costs every year, while also making your living space more comfortable for your family. Try adding plastic weather stripping along the sides of the sashes. You can also try the popular rope caulk; this soft and sticky stuff can be molded to fill in the gaps. Have any spare nail polish? If applied with precision, clear polish fills the crack almost invisibly. Once it hardens, it will stabilize the glass until you can replace it.

8. Clean Your Windows

Save time, money and energy this new year with these window cleaning tips for 2020. To clean indoor windows like a pro, try mixing liquid dish soap and cool water in a bucket. Second, using a sponge, wipe down the window and frame. Third, spray the windows with a window cleaning product. If you prefer to use natural cleaning products, vinegar is a viable choice for cleaning windows. Finally, using a clean, lint-free towel, dry the window completely using a Z-shaped motion. You also can use clean paper towels to dry the windows.

9. Trim Your Tree Branches

The last thing you need is a storm loosening the branches which are close to your home. You want to make sure any tree limbs or branches surrounding your home are at least 3 feet away from the house. Trimming back dead branches lessens the potential fire danger should your tree or any structures nearby catch fire. If you take on the job yourself, make sure you climb the tree with climbing spikes. Also, make sure you cut down and away from the branch at an angle for both living and dead branches. Remember, don’t remove any more than 25 percent of foliage during a growing season.

10. Clear Out Your Gutters

Clean gutters protect your siding and foundation. Clogged gutters or downspouts can damage your home’s foundation or cause ice dams, which can lead to expensive water damage throughout your home. Make sure you clean your gutters, especially if you have overhanging trees, remove leaves, branches, and other debris that can cause problems. Furthermore, make sure the gutters aren’t sagging and trapping water, tighten gutter hangers and downspout brackets.

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