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Which insurance package better suits your business’s insurance needs, the Business Owners Policy or the Commercial Package Policy?

Businesses require insurance, but determining whether business owners policy or commercial package policy is appropriate for your business can be difficult. You cannot prevent damaging events from occurring, but insurance helps you protect what you have built. Having insurance protects your business...
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Smoke Insurance Claims

Every insurance policy has its own set of limitations, exclusions and thresholds. These are known as triggers. Triggers are the pre-determined conditions that must be met for a claim to be paid. Understanding the triggers in your insurance policy means you’re aware of what you’re covered for and...
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Essential Power Outage Tips

(BPT) – Natural disasters like hurricanes, severe storms, tornadoes and wildfires are forces to be reckoned with. Not only can they bring high-speed winds, heavy rains and roaring flames, they can also knock out power grids for entire communities, leaving people without electricity when it&#82...
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