8 Furnace Maintenance Tips

When it comes to HVAC maintenance, many of us are unfamiliar with the steps needed to take to keep the HVAC system RUNNING EFFICIENTLY. It’s extremely important to keep up with regular maintenance, here are 10 tips that will save you money and keep your system in top shape

1) Check Furnace Belts

Just like a vehicle motor has belts, so does your furnace. If these become damaged, the furnace motor will shut down. Check the belts regularly to make sure that they aren’t fraying or torn.

2) Change Your Filter Regularly

This is one of the easiest and most important regular maintenance tasks a homeowner can perform. Clean filters allow air to circulate through your furnace efficiently and extend the life of your system. Changing the filter can avoid expensive repairs in the future.

3) Keep Vents and Ducts Clean

Just like the air filter, dust and dirt can collect in your vents and block air flow. Make sure you try and keep your ducts clean by taking off the vent covers and extending your vacuum’s hose inside to thoroughly clean the duct.

4) Open All Vents

Your furnace is sized specifically to heat your entire house, when part of it is blocked, your system will work harder to compensate. Keeping those vents open puts less stress on the unit and supports optimal efficiency.

5) Clean the Blower

While the furnace filter traps the majority of the debris, some of it still gets through. That is why it is important to also clean your furnace’s blower.

6) Turn on Your Ceiling Fans

Not only are ceiling fans good for cooling your home, but they’re actually a great way to help your furnace run more efficiently. Since heat naturally rises and collects at the ceiling of the room, using your ceiling fan to push this warm air back down into the room will help keep the space warm.

7) Use the Thermostat to Maximize Efficiency

A programmable thermostat helps ensure your system operates efficiently throughout the year. Take advantage of its various settings to keep your home comfortable when it’s occupied and to save energy while you’re asleep or on vacation. An HVAC specialist can show you how to program and operate the thermostat, as well as make recommendations regarding the best temperatures settings.

8) Call in a Professional for Regular Maintenance

Use a licensed professional to perform preventative maintenance at least once a year, including flushing the coils, checking the drainage system, vacuuming the blower compartments, evaluating furnace operation, and more.

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