5 Wind and Rain Property Damage Tips

wind and rain property damage

Did your business or residential property suffer wind and rain damage recently? If you have, it’s very important that you call a public adjuster before you contact your insurance company. There are many details that you may not be aware of related to wind and rain damage and your insurance policy. Having a public adjuster represent you should be done early in the process so they can document all damages to your property and start the claims process. There are a lot of things that you can do to minimize the wind and rain damage that you sustained.

Wind and Rain Property Damage Tips

1) Damage Outside of the Property.

You should consider protecting home or business vehicles, patio furniture, yard appliances and even air conditioning units that could be damaged by extreme wind and rain

2) Erosion and Runoff

Wind and rain can cause severe ground / foliage problems around a property. As more dirt is eroded from water runoff, things that were previously underground will be exposed. Make sure to protect that beautiful landscaping!

3) Power Surges

Severe wind and rain can cause problems with electrical systems, including power outages. However, power surges are a completely different ballgame. Make sure that your property has ample surge protection in place.

4) Protect Your Roofing

Make sure the waterproofing under your roof is seamless and water tight, because water will leak in and create additional damage. Have a roofer check your roof for loose nails, damage and other imperfections in your roofing structure.

5) Watch Your Trees

Tree service contractors can help with the trees around your property. It’s best to make sure your trees are well pruned and have all dead branches removed before any bad weather hits. If a tree is dead or dying, remove it immediately; severe wind will knock it over eventually and cause serious damage to surrounding property and people.

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