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Property Damage Claims from Hurricane Ida


Property Damage Claims from Hurricane IdaNews Release:

Investigators from the National Weather Service say seven tornadoes have been confirmed in the Philadelphia region after the remnants of Hurricane Ida struck on Wednesday. The tornadoes hit several communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.



If you have suffered property damage in Pennsylvania or New Jersey from Hurricane Ida, Community Public Adjusters can handle the claim and get you the Maximum Settlement!




The types of claims we handle include:

How Does the Claim Process Work?



The process starts by contacting Community Public Adjusters at 215-757-7100or by visiting our website. Next, we will review your claim and contact you shortly so we can proceed with your damage loss assessment.


The Claims Process


• We inspect the damage site and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property.
• Next, we gather photographic evidence and use industry experts to examine your loss.
• Next, we fully document the extent of the damage.
• Next, we submit your claim, which is backed by scientific evidence and expert testimony.
• Finally, we negotiate with your insurance company to attain the best possible settlement.

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